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You can't see any NSFW posts on mobile? Or you want to know how /r/FiftyFifty works? Here are all the answers!
[50/50] Rusty old Classic car gets restored . (SFW) | Guy brakes his leg after falling off from a skateboard. (NSFW)

[50/50] Man got set on fire (NSFW) | Street performer juggling fire sticks (SFW)

[50/50] Yummy bubble tea (SFW) | Maggots on mossy poop (NSFL)

[50/50] A fresh apple pie slice with vanilla ice cream (SFW) | Pulling out a wart out of finger with pliers (NSFW)
[50/50] A horrifying end to a gun fight (NSFW) | A cool red jellyfish (SFW)

[50/50] Cute baby learns how to take its first steps (SFW) | A gorilla eats its’ own poop (NSFW)
[50/50] Cool 12hr origami build time-lapse (SFW) | Man gets hand shot (NSFW)
[50/50] a beautiful glazed walnut butter cake (SFW) | A self-induced, non-traumatic testicular torsion correction surgery (NSFW)

[50/50] View of volcanic eruption from space SFW | Drunk Driver Causes Fatal Head-On Crash NSFW/L

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